Xinsheng “Cindy” Cai, Ph.D.

Xinsheng “Cindy” Cai, Ph.D. leads the knowledge development for CTI, develops multi-media products and tools, and is designing the field test of PowerUp What Works. Dr. Cai has extensive experience in applying advanced research methodology and statistics in designing, conducting, and managing complex tasks and projects in large-scale multi-site evaluations, meta-analysis, and knowledge translation. She managed  the development of the Adolescent Literacy Practice Guide for the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) by coordinating and facilitating a panel of nationally renowned experts; directed the multi-year, multi-site survey study of the GE Foundation’s Developing FuturesTM in Education Initiative; led the evaluation of the Doing What Works website; and served as a senior advisor for the Knowledge Transfer Workshop for the Rehabilitation Services Administration. A Doing What Works initiative certified reviewer, she authored numerous WWC intervention reports. She received a Ph.D. in Special Education and Quantitative Psychology from Vanderbilt University.

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