Neil Schiavo, M.A.

Neil Schiavo, M.A., Field Site Liaison for PowerUp What Works, designs materials to support the efforts of school-based Tech Action Teams. The focus of his work for CTI is to craft materials that can advance the schoolwide sustainability and implementation of PowerUp. As a Research Associate at EDC since 2003, Mr. Schiavo has worked on several innovative projects related to the development and work of teacher leaders, school administrators, and other instructional leaders. Most recently, he played a lead role in the content development team that created the rich resources in the Success at the Core website funded by Vulcan Productions and the Paul Allen Family Foundation. Previously, he contributed to the National Science Foundation-funded Knowledge Management and Dissemination project and the Education Leadership Action Network of The Wallace Foundation. Mr. Schiavo received an M.A. in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University.

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