Tech Research Brief: Embedded Supports to Differentiate Instruction for Struggling Students

Center for Technology Implementation
Many of your students with learning disabilities, or those who are struggling, may be anywhere from two to five years behind their peers in reading and writing.To ensure that your students are prepared to meet the high expectations set by the Common Core Standards, you may need to incorporate a variety of supports into your ELA instruction, including UDL, explicit instruction of evidence-based strategies, and the use of technology tools. Focusing on literacy is critical at the upper elementary and middle school level in order to help address these gaps before students move into high school. Learn how technology tools can support struggling students and those with learning disabilities in acquiring background knowledge and vocabulary, improving their reading comprehension, and making connections between reading and writing.
Resource File: 
Common Core State Standards: 
Informational Text
Foundational Skills
Speaking and Listening
Literacy in History/Social Studies
Literacy in Science & Technical Subjects
Supporting Struggling Students: 
Assistive Technology
Universal Design for Learning

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