I Can Soar: Aaron

American Institutes for Research

Aaron faced "intense technology needs" entering public school, but with the help of assistive technology devices like IntelliKeys, a power wheelchair, and even video game controllers he is able to achieve more independence. Now as an 8th grade student, Aaron writes and races with his teachers at school and plays video games with his siblings at home. Watch this video to see how.

Supporting Struggling Students: 
Assistive Technology

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AIR Informs Episode #6: Meeting the Needs of Students with Disabilities During COVID-19

Remote learning requires adjustment for all students, but students with disabilities face additional challenges during the COVID-19 quarantine. In the latest episode of AIR Informs, Allison Gandhi, managing researcher and director of AIR’s special education practice area, describes some of these obstacles and shares strategies to help students make the most of this time.