Facilitating Technology Implementation: Strategic Planning for AT Specialists and Administrators -- Part One: Implementation Science

Alise Crossland

The key to effective technology implementation is systematic planning that engages all of the principal stakeholders. In this session, education leaders will learn about how to use strategic planning efforts to leverage technology tools to support classroom instruction, address the needs of struggling learners, and improve teaching and learning for all students. It’s also important to remember that as technology usage increases in schools and districts, it is imperative that technology is accessible to all students, including those with disabilities.

Participants will learn about best practices, recommendations, and solutions to common implementation roadblocks. These practices are grounded in the research and literature on implementation science and technology implementation to foster effective school change. The session will focus a step-by-step process to plan, implement and sustain the innovative use of technology; information on hot topics and strategies to leverage digital tools; best practices to personalize student learning; case stories that detail the experiences of other districts to expand the use of technology; and resources to guide the systemic planning process and develop professional learning opportunities.

This session will also focus on the legal requirements related to the use of technology in the classroom, including requirements for digital accessibility to ensure compliance with state and federal laws. The focus will be on enhancing the existing vision and policies related to technology and accessibility, identifying what’s working well (and what doesn’t) and expanding policies and guidance to ensure that 1) staff responsible for purchasing, procuring, or developing content are aware of accessibility guidelines and know how to ensure that all content is accessible, and 2) school leaders develop action plans to address identified gaps in current provision of accessible technology resources.

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This four-part presentation was originally delivered at the Texas Assistive Technology Network - Region 4 Conference. 

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