AT and IT: Where are we headed?

American Institutes for Research; Center on Technology & Disability

Rapid changes in technology will continue to shape the future of special education services and the integration of assistive technology and instructional technology. An understanding of the shifts in the technology landscape and possible future directions for the field is imperative for state education agency leaders and local education agency leaders. 

Use this infographic in combination with the full report, Future Ready Assistive Technology: Fostering State Supports for Students With Disabilities.

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Text for infographic: AT and IT: Where are we headed  AT and IT: Where are we Headed?  Think about it:  1.	What AT and IT did your students (and you) use 5 years ago? 2.	What is possible now that wasn’t possible then?  3.	What might be possible in the next 5 years?  Where are we headed next?  Game changers:  1.	Smaller, more affordable hardware 2.	Reduction in power needs 3.	Innovation in display technology 4.	Improvements in networks and broadband capabilities  5.	New developments in user interfaces and in
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