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SETT SCAFFOLD FOR GATHERING DATA–ANNOTATED Collaboratively Gather and Analyze Information from a Variety of Sources

Tools and Templates
This SETT tool provides an objective way for teachers to make Technical Assistance decisions for students.

Technology Self-Assessment Tool (TSAT)

Tools and Templates
The TSAT has been designed for teachers (to determine their own levels of technology proficiency and to identify personal technology professional development needs), schools/districts (to assess...

Using the SETT Framework to Create Opportunities to Communicate

Tools and Templates
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The SETT framework is based on the premise that in order to develop an appropriate system of tools (e.g., support-devices, services, strategies, accommodations, etc.). Teams must first develop a...

Using the SETT Framework to Level the Learning Field for Students with Disabilities

Tools and Templates
The SETT Framework is a tool that helps teams gather and organize information that can be used to guide collaborative decisions about services that foster the educational success of students with...