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Effects of mathematical word problem solving by students at risk or with mild disabilities

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Standards: Model with Mathematics • Attend to Precision • Make Sense of Problems
The purpose of this study is two-fold. First, the researchers sought to assess the effectiveness of two instructional strategies, an explicit schema-based strategy and a traditional basal strategy,...

Effects of self-explanation as a metacognitive strategy for solving mathematical word programs

Standards: Make Sense of Problems • Reason Abstractly • Construct Viable Arguments • Attend to Precision
The study examined the effects of a metacognitive strategy (i.e., self-explanation) on elementary school students’ ability to solve word problems. Students were assigned to one of three conditions: (...

Introduction to Math Language 508 Compliant Slideshow

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Standards: Attend to Precision
This is a 508 compliant version of the Overview Slideshow found in the Instructional Strategy Guide for Math: Math Language.

Quick View: Virtual Manipulatives

Quick View
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Standards: Make Sense of Problems • Reason Abstractly • Model with Mathematics • Use Appropriate Tools Strategically
In the past, most classrooms only had physical manipulatives. Today, more classrooms have improved access to computers and the Internet. As a result, virtual manipulatives are becoming more common....

Research on Math Practices

The PowerUp WHAT WORKS Team at the Center for Technology Implementation, has conducted extensive reviews of the literature on mathematics teaching and learning. View our bibliography for a collection...

Teacher Playlist: Helping Students Understand Math Problems Using Precise Math Language

Tools and Templates
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Standards: Make Sense of Problems • Attend to Precision
For many students, mathematics word problems are just a jumble of words and numbers. A problem-solving process can help students make sense of problems. They can do this by reading the problem more...

Using PowerUp for PD: Using Precise Language

Professional Development Support Material
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Standards: Attend to Precision
Find general directions, suggested activities, and support materials/activities for the Slide Show, Teach with Tech, and the Lessons in Action to use in your professional development.

Using Precise Language: Define Geometry Terms

Lesson in Action
Standards: Attend to Precision
Mr. Pierson is starting a new geometry unit with his Grade 4 class. In this lesson, the class will develop definitions for geometry terms, new vocabulary, and symbols in order to create a common...