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Education Week: 'Embodied Learning' Blends Movement, Computer Interaction

Standards: Model with Mathematics • Literacy in Science & Technical Subjects
Students who are able to engage in learning by being physically involved take more interest in classroom time. SMALLabs use a camera, projector, computer, and wand in an open classroom for students...

End the Math Wars

Standards: Make Sense of Problems • Model with Mathematics
In this article, the author discusses why and how educational technology can be implemented in the classroom and school to support improved student outcomes in mathematics. The author not only...

Using Virtual Manipulatives in Your Math Classroom

Subscription Required: No
Standards: Reason Abstractly • Model with Mathematics • Use Appropriate Tools Strategically
The use of manipulatives in math instruction can help you in addressing the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice. Virtual manipulatives provide new ways for students and teachers grasp...