PD Playlist Library

The PowerUp PD Playlists are a quick and easy way to launch your blended PD.

Similar to your favorite music playlist, ours provide a set of thematically-related materials drawn from PowerUp. Each PD Playlist links to specific Instructional Strategy Guides, Quick Views, resources, archived webinars, blogs and tech ideas. 

Use our suggested resources as a starting point for your blended professional development. Use it, modify it, or create your own to differentiate your PD! 


ELA: Vocabulary

Recognizing and expanding vocabulary is crucial to improve students’ reading comprehension, writing, and listening, and speaking. Learn ways to combine evidence-based practices with supportive technology tools. Download the Vocabulary Playlist (Word).


ELA: Informational Reading

Being able to comprehend and utilize the content from expository texts is a core element of ELA standards. Find a range of evidence-based practices with suggested technology tools. Download the Informational Reading Playlist (Word).


ELA: Writing

The writing process spans prewriting, drafting, and reviewing. Find ways to use a range of technology tools with best practices to support writing. Download the Writing Playlist (Word).


Math: Math Language

Success in math depends on understanding the specific way language is used in math. Help your teachers use technology-enhanced strategies to address student challenges. Download our Math Language Playlist (Word).


Math: Understanding Math Concepts

Students can better understand underlying math concepts through visual representation, modeling, and organizing. Explore math teaching strategies, supported with a range of technology tools. Download our Math Concepts Playlist (Word).

What's New on POWERUP?

AIR Informs Episode #6: Meeting the Needs of Students with Disabilities During COVID-19

Remote learning requires adjustment for all students, but students with disabilities face additional challenges during the COVID-19 quarantine. In the latest episode of AIR Informs, Allison Gandhi, managing researcher and director of AIR’s special education practice area, describes some of these obstacles and shares strategies to help students make the most of this time.