Year End Roundup: Top 15 PowerUp Blog Posts

As the school year draws to a close, we’re reflecting back a year’s worth of fantastic, high quality resources and teaching strategies. We've covered many topics, including how to use Twitter to grow your Professional Learning Network, the value of taking virtual field trips, the latest research on teaching reading, to the best places to find free educational videos. Below we've rounded up our 15 most popular blog posts from the last year:

  1. Our Favorite Education Blogs
  2. Finding the Right Technology for Your Classroom
  3. Focus on the Common Core – Writing a Letter
  4. Use Captions for Literacy
  5. Using Virtual Manipulatives in our Classroom
  6. Perspectives from the Field – Visualization, Close Reading, and Digital Resource
  7. Tools for Differentiating Instruction ELA: Storybird
  8. Repeated Reading: From Fluency Research To Practice
  9. Create Your Own Interactives
  10. View PowerUp’s CEM webinars on Your Own Time
  11. Perspective from the Field: What is the value of virtual field trips
  12. Welcome to Focus on Fractions
  13. Top 15 Favorite Sites for Free Videos
  14. Follow PowerUp on Pinterest
  15. Bring Your Own Device –Texting for Learning

What was your favorite blog post this year? Did you learn about a new tool or strategy that you were able to use in your classroom? Got a hot topic you'd love to see covered in a future post? Share in the comments below. We are excited to hear your thoughts!

Acknowledgment: Special thanks to Caroline Martin for helping to compile this blog post. 

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