What Do Your Students Know About Fractions?

Interested in how you can incorporate the instructional strategies and technology practices from PowerUp into your teaching? Join us for our Focus on Fractions series!

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Key questions teachers ask at the launch of a unit of instruction are:  What do my students already know? Do they have the prerequisite skills and understandings or do I need to reteach prior material before diving into my grade-level expectations? At the beginning of a unit on fractions, you can use one of the Focus on Fractions grade-level assessments as a pre-test to determine instructional starting points. Reflecting on what you learn from the pre-test helps you to identify appropriate evidence-based practices. Each online assessment question features targeted resources to help build student understanding – if a student marks a question incorrectly, they are automatically directed to a resource (game, applet, demonstration) to clarify the concept.

Your Assignment: Use the grade-level-appropriate Focus on Fractions online assessment to get a sense for what your students know about fractions before you begin instruction.

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