What are your 2015 Tech Resolutions?

Celebrating the New Year traditionally means making resolutions. Typical, top-of the-list items include dieting and exercising. But from a professional side, what if the resolutions focused on ways to use technology to improve teaching and learning? Perhaps one of the five possible resolutions listed below could mirror what’s on your list. If so, here’s how to turn the resolution into reality.

1. I will integrate technology tools into best teaching practices.

Help is on the way. Check out the 20 PowerUp What Works Instructional Strategy Guides. Twelve focus on English Language Arts (ELA) and eight on Mathematics. Each aligns evidence-based practices with technology tools.

2. I will engage in self-study to deepen my professional knowledge.

This resolution is even easier done than said. Use the six PowerUp What Works Teacher Playlists. Each guides you to follow a pathway through PowerUp resources (including videos and slide shows).

3. I will keep abreast of current trends in technology.

Look no further than the Tech Matters BlogEach new post draws on current trends and good teaching ideas to keep you up to date and well-informed.

4. I will expand my knowledge of technology tools.

There are no good excuses for not following through on this resolution. PowerUp offers three ways to get started TODAY! : 1) the TechMatrix;  2) Tech Tips; and 3) Tech Research Briefs.

5. I will write better tech-enhanced lesson plans to differentiate instruction.

Need a boost to really make this happen?  Each Instructional Strategy Guide includes a Lesson in Action—a case study of teaching and learning. At the top of the left-hand column are the teacher’s step-by-step instructional strategies. Modify, revise, and/or edit these to meet you students’ needs.

Best wishes for a tech-filled 2015

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