Welcome to Focus on Fractions: Using PowerUp in the Context of a Unit on Fractions

Common Core State Standards: 
Make Sense of Problems
Attend to Precision
Model with Mathematics
Instructional Strategies: 
Interacting With Peers
Understanding Problems
Using Precise Math Language

Interested in how you can incorporate the instructional strategies and technology practices from PowerUp into your teaching? Join us for our Focus on Fractions series! 

Mastering fractions is a challenging, yet indispensable, topic in the middle and upper elementary grades. Throughout the week, this Focus on Fractions blog post series will provide practical ideas and suggestions to enhance your unit on fractions. These strategies can help you to integrate evidence-based practices, technology tools, quick assessments to determine readiness and success, and UDL principles into your teaching.
At the heart of Focus on Fractions is using what we learn from a pre-test to maximize student success on a post-test. Drawing from research and from the Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice, you will find explicit, example-rich guidance on a variety of targeted instructional strategies, to include: using representations to strengthen instruction and provide greater access to mathematical ideas; practical suggestions and examples that promote reasoning and making sense of problems as critical components of instruction; and support to maximize student communication, strengthen peer interactions and enhance the development of mathematical language. 

In each post, we’ll share:

  • ways to use targeted, grade-level, pre- and post-test assessments aligned to the Common Core State Standards

  • ideas for differentiating instruction

  • technology tools you can use to cement student understanding

  • resources to support your instruction

Check back tomorrow for our first installment! 

We're offering teachers a $25 Amazon gift card for participating in our ongoing efforts to improve the materials on PowerUp WHAT WORKS. If you teach grades 4, 5 or 6, are planning to use our online assessments, and are willing to complete a short survey, you’re please contact us at powerup@air.org to find out more.

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