Use to Test Your School’s Internet Speed

Digital learning is an integral and important tool for schools. In order to effectively use technology to enhance instruction, schools must have strong, reliable Internet connectivity, especially in classrooms and learning areas. Curious about the strength of your school’s Internet connectivity? A great online resource to use is In less than a minute, you will know the speed of your school’s Internet access. The results of your test will automatically be recorded in the SchoolSpeedTest database, which contributes to a national inventory of internet access in K-12 schools across the country. EducationSuperHighway, the nonprofit that designed SchoolSpeedTest, will use this information to help identify schools that need an upgrade and help in designing a technology budget for that purpose. Once you have used the SchoolSpeedTest you can start planning a successful technology implementation plan using the PowerUp Technology Implementation Practice Guide. Inside this guide, you will find research about the best practices to develop and maintain your school’s technology infrastructure for students and educators. If you are curious about technology in the classroom, explore the PowerUp Tech Research Briefs for detailed information on using technology to help all students.  Acknowledgement: Special thanks to Caroline Martin for helping to compile this blog post.

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