Tech Tip: Add Voice Feedback to Google Docs

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Are you using Google Drive with your students? Google Drive is a great tool for seamless cloud-based file storage—including documents, photos, videos, and spreadsheets—that you and your students can access anytime, anywhere. With easy-to-use features, many teachers have found Google Drive to be an indispensable tool for classroom collaboration and tracking assignments. Now with a new app, called Kaizena, you can take Google Drive one step further. Using Kaizena, you can record voice feedback on student documents, and even add links to videos and resources to provide deeper explanations to individual students in your class. Students can then record their own audio (or text-based) responses to your comments. This is a great way to work with students around the writing process, especially in the drafting and reviewing stages! Find more ways to use technology to support student writing at PowerUp. Check out the full article on TeachThought for more info; if you try it out, let us know what you think!   

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