Teach-ing Syl-la-bles: A Video Playlist

Common Core State Standards: 
Foundational Skills
Instructional Strategies: 
Word Analysis
Semantic Mapping

Syllabication is a core decoding skill, and as such, a basic foundational reading skill. As explained in The English Language Arts Common Core State Standards, foundational skills are not an end in and of themselves, but rather, a core component of comprehensive reading programs, ultimately leading students to successful comprehension.   

Syllabication is defined as the “act, process, or method of forming or dividing words into syllables.” By teaching your students how to divide words into their component parts, you are equipping them with the critical skills needed to identify and recognize the meaning of unknown words. Check out the clear and concise PowerPoint provided by the North Carolina Public Schools titled, “Syllabication Instruction: The Solution to Decoding.”

Are you in the habit of creating playlists of your favorite music? Here’s a slight variation—an instructionally-themed playlist of videos about syllabication. Try them out with your students. Add to the list.

Do you like the playlist concept as a way of pulling together educational materials? Would you like to find more playlists already created for your use? We have them ready for you. Explore the PowerUp PD Playlists and Teacher Playlists for ELA and Math. These can be your starting point for creating personalized playlists that meet your needs. Please feel free to comment on this blog and upload your modified playlists. 

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