Professional Development in 140 Characters: Getting Started with Twitter for PD

When it comes to professional development, sometimes the best approach is a collaborative one; teachers and administrators sharing what works and helping each other succeed. PowerUp WHAT WORKS can help you work together and plan with other educators in your building as you PowerUp your school and classrooms.

Social media is a great way to engage with other educators – whether right next door or around the world – and get ideas, inspiration, and support as you integrate technology into your classrooms. Many school administrators and teachers have turned to Twitter as a way to interact with other educators interested in teaching with technology. Twitter is easy to use, and there are tons of great tutorials out there that cover the basics. So how do you get started using Twitter for PD?

One great first step is to find Twitter users who are already using the service to improve their teaching. Once you do, you can follow the people they follow, or use an app like Hootsuite (for iPhone and iPad), which allows you to “shadow” a Twitter user and see what they’re tweeting, who they follow, and how they use Twitter. If an educator is engaged in an online discussion on elearning for example, you can follow along and see what’s happening.

Twitter also makes use of keywords or “hashtags” to help you find what people are talking about. Searching for #edtech will show you all the resources and conversations about educational technology. Hashtags can be a great tool for finding users and resources aligned with your interests.

Each week we’ll suggest more great educators to follow on Twitter as well as suggestions for making the most out of social media tools for PD. Here are a few to get you started:

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