PD Opportunities in January

Looking for more ways to expand your professional learning?

Each month, we’ll highlight a variety of free, online PD opportunities to help you dig deeper into the topics and ideas covered by PowerUp WHAT WORKS. This is just a small selection of the learning opportunities available online, so feel free to add more ideas in the comments!

  1. Motivate Students by Integrating Tech into Learning (Even When Tech Access is Limited)

  1. Digital Learning Day Planning Workshop

  1. Cracking the E-rate Filing Window, Part 2: Best practices for your organization

  1. The New PBL...Merging Mobile with the MakerEd Movement

  1. Teach Math With the Wii: Engage Your K-7 Students through Gaming Technology

  1. 5 Steps to Successful Implementation of AAC Apps in Classrooms

  1. Building Biliteracy Through Bilingualism: Using Effective “Technogogy”

  1. Preparing Pre-Service Teachers for Success in Blended Learning Models

  1. Bring Your Own Device (or Technology) - BYOT: New Opportunities, New Challenges in K-12 Education

  1. Digital Leadership: Changing Paradigms for Changing Times

  1. Teaching Spanish With Social Media

  1. Flipping Your Classroom Without Internet

  1. Social media: An essential tool for K-12 classrooms

Acknowledgement: Special thanks to Michael McGarrah for helping to compile this post.

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