PD on the Go: What is Universal Design for Learning?

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Personalized instruction encourages students to drive their understanding by choosing a method of engagement from a menu of options. Hear Katie Novak, Ed.D., explain how UDL supports that approach while streamlining the process for teachers.

What do you think?

  • How can you use UDL principles to personalize learning for all students?
  • How can UDL support students with disabilities better understand and engage with material?
  • How are you already using UDL principles in your classroom?

Take this from theory to practice

UDL offers students a variety of options to enhance and personalize learning, much like going to a buffet and choosing which food to eat, based on your dietary preferences, allergies, likes and dislikes. Use the PowerUp What Works strategy guides and resources to support your UDL instruction: Modeling, Semantic Mapping, and Applying Mathematics Skills for Success in Science.

See you here next week.

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