PD On the Go: Tech Tips from Teachers - Formative Assessment Apps

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On this week’s PD On the Go, listen to Emily Tombes, a second grade teacher, discuss how she uses technology-enhanced formative assessment in her classroom. Tombes also describes the characteristics, functionality, and features that she looks for in a strong formative assessment app, as well as specific apps that she and her colleagues find useful.

What do you think?

  • Ms. Tombes explains how she uses formative assessment data as a planning tool and to help differentiate learning based on specific student needs; for her, technology streamlines this process and improves her efficiency. Do you use technology to support formative assessment? How does formative assessment support your instruction?
  • In the video, Ms. Tombes notes that technology makes collaboration with her colleagues much easier. Do you use apps to support collaboration? What apps do you use?

Take this from theory to practice

For more on formative assessment, check out our blog posts, Empowering Teachers with Technology: Formative Assessment to Personalize Learning and Next Generation Student Assessment, that provide additional resources to support formative assessment using technology.

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