PD on the Go: Supercharging the Classroom: Using Technology to Support Personalized Learning

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How can we create opportunities for students to have greater engagement with content? How can we maximize technology tools to help students become expert learners through mastery of content, inquiry, and exploration?  Technology tools provide us with new opportunities to personalize learning – watch this brief video to see just some of the ways educators are working to provide the space for students to identify their challenges, interests, and areas of strength.  

What do you think?

  • How are you integrating technology tools in the classroom to support personalized learning?
  • What has been successful? What have you found challenging? What have you learned?
  • What kind of resources or professional development activities would better support you in delivering technology enhanced instruction using a personalized learning approach?

Take this from theory to practice

Looking for more information about personalized learning? Check out our other PD on the Go posts: What is Personalized Learning? and Personalized Learning Classroom Tour.  

See you here next week!

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