PD On the Go: Intro to Assistive Technology from the Center on Technology and Disability

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When used appropriately, assistive technology (AT) can enhance learning and improve outcomes for students with disabilities. But what exactly do we mean by AT? Does AT include devices and services? What are some examples of AT devices, and what is the difference between low-tech and high-tech? How might AT fit into a student’s individualized education plan (IEP)? Join Chris Bugaj for this introductory video on the basics of AT!

What do you think?

  • Do any of your students requires AT in the classroom?
  • What kinds of AT devices and services do they use?
  • Do you feel prepared to support their use of AT?

Take this from theory to practice

As we learned from the video, AT can take the form of many kinds of devices and services. Moving forward, these options will only expand and grow, opening up new possibilities. For more information on AT check out some of our PowerUp resources: The Future of Assistive Technology – Where Might We Be Going Next?Understanding the Basics of Assistive Technology, and AT and IT: Where are we headed?.

See you here next week.

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