PD on the Go: APPlicable: Improving Accessibility for All Users

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While you may not be an app developer, this week’s video demonstrates the paradigm shift developers experienced once they started taking accessibility into account. As you watch this video, think about the small and simple changes the developers made and how you might apply this idea to your classroom.

What do you think?

  • Are students consulted on what tools work best for them? How might you involve them more?
  • What simple changes can you make as you’re developing your lesson plans?
  • How would thinking about accessibility and universal design in your instruction change things for your students?

Take this from theory to practice

We know that by including users with disabilities we can enhance our use of tools that will help support learning and adjust your teaching framework so that their voice is heard from the get go!  As you look through the following resources from PowerUp What Works, think about how accessibility might impact your technology decisions in the classroom: What’s New: Transforming Learning with Technology, Assistance for Assistive Tech, and Using Smartphones to Support Struggling Students.

See you here next week.

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