Math Apps for a Good Start

Picture this: A young elementary student is doing his math homework. His head is in his hands.  Then he looks up at his parents, “I don’t get it,” he says on the verge of tears. Does this image, which could easily take place in any classroom, sound familiar to you?   Many students, with and without disabilities, struggle with math.  And yet, math understanding, knowledge and skills are fundamental for ensuring that all students are college and career ready. 

Kate Garnett, in the article Math Learning Disabilities, points out that teachers can help their young students approach math learning by:

  • Giving students interactive and intensive practice with motivational materials such as games
  • Giving abundant opportunities to practice, but in small doses

Math Apps are a great way to implement these two strategies.  Free Must-Have iPad Apps For Elementary Math, provides a comprehensive list of apps. We’ve organized that list, below, into six categories.



Brief Description

Counting, ordering, sequencing

123 Numbers Free


For numbers 0 to 10


Counting 123




Four different mini-games to teach numbers 1-10: Fish Tap challenge, Spot the


Number Math -Free





For practicing basic elementary number facts (e.g., missing numbers, before/after, greater than/less than, skip counting, rounding, and more)


Little Monkey Apps Number Lines


For visualizing numbers, rote counting, ordering and physical positions, linking patterns and relationships.

Operations: addition, subtracting, multiplying

Arithmetic Invaders Express: Grade K-2 Math Facts


For solving counting, addition, subtraction, and multiplication problems

Butterfly Math Addition


Helps number recognition and addition

Montessori Counting Board  


Counting by touch, up in order, down in order

Multiplication Genius x19 Free


For mastering 9, 12, and 19 Times Tables

Speedo Math

Available in multiple levels and an instant results chart.


Counting Bills & Coins



To count, match, and make change with coins up to quarters and $20 in bills

Counting Money

Available in practice and quiz mode; beginner and normal difficulty levels


Interactive Telling Time Lite




Interactive clocks with movable hour and minute



Tell Time – Little Matchups Game


For matching analog and digital clocks.


Telling Time Free


Offers practice and quiz modes for inputting the digital time based on the analog time.



Reading the Ruler  


For learning to read inches and Metric rulers.


Pizza Fractions

For naming simple fractions using pizza picture examples.

In PowerUp What Works, eight Instructional Strategy Guides are devoted to improving math teaching and learning with technology tools. 

Each guide offers easy-to-use, evidence-based math practices aligned to the Standards for Mathematical Practice

Explore the guides to find:  a listing of the relevant Common Core State Standards, an overview of the strategy and accompanying slide show, effective instructional strategies with links to technology tools, short videos about integrating technology, relevant resources, related blog posts, and supporting research—everything needed to give students a good start, and to see them succeed throughout the grades.

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