Making Sense of BYOD, One-to-One, Mixed Devices, Laptop Carts and Computer Workstations

We recently posted about spending technology dollars wisely and suggested several steps to take, and resources to use, when planning technology spending. A major consideration to budget planning relates to the technology configuration that reflects your current circumstances, changes that you would like to implement, and the technology vision you’ve created at your school.

The Roadmap for District- and/or School-Wide Technology Implementation, found within our Technology Implementation Practice Guide, is an excellent resource to use when navigating this landscape. It explains the costs and benefits of each tech configuration, the IT support implications, and student and teacher use capacities each provides.

Take a look at this valuable resource, and let us know what challenges and/or success stories you have with any one of these configurations at your school or in your district. You can share those experiences below, and start a conversation among PowerUp Users, and between PowerUp Users and PowerUp staff!

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