Grow Your Professional Network: Our Favorite Twitter Accounts for Teachers

Want to up your edtech game next year? Spend some time this summer growing your professional learning network! Get started with this list of 10 of our favorite Twitter accounts for teachers.

  1. Matthew Lynch (@lynch39083) is editor of The Tech Edvocate. Tweets about students with disabilities, edtech, stem and much more.
  2. Alice Keeler, (@alicekeeler) with her Google expertise and background in coding, offers free Chrome add-ons and extensions to streamline your teacher workflow.
  3. Dan Callahan (@dancallahan) is a special education teacher, and tech specialist with an interest in education technology.
  4. Vicki Davis (@coolcatteacher) is a veteran teacher, blogger, podcaster, and digital learning advocate, with over 20 years in the edtech space.
  5. Steven Anderson (@web20classroom) has recently been named one of the top 50 education innovators in the U.S.
  6. Richard Byrne (‪@rmbyrne) tweets about making education technology usable and applicable to public school education.
  7. Erin Klein (‪@kleinerin) is a scholastic top teacher that tweets about edtech and the latest news affecting teachers.
  8. Will Richardson (@willrich45) is an educator, speaker, instigator, and blogger for school change.
  9. Jennifer Gonzalez (@cultofpedagogy) a former teacher, runs the Cult of Pedagogy blog, and tweets about classroom resources/tools.
  10. Larry Ferlazzo (@larryferlazzo) is a high school teacher and Education Week blogger often discussing issues around teaching ELL.

Got a great one we missed? Feel free to share them @TechnologyInEd. Next week we'll share a list of our 10 favorite blogs and podcasts for administrators. 

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