Grow Your Personal Professional Network: Blogs and Podcasts for Administrators

Next up, in keeping with the summer theme of helping to grow your professional network, we’re going to transition from a focus on teachers to follow, to a focus on administrators to follow. The list of blogs and podcasts below highlight engaging and active educational leaders supporting technology use in their districts and schools, students with disabilities, and lessons learned.

  1. Connected Principals. Follow this blog to hear from school administrators that want to collaborate, share best practices, and learn and lead effectively. 
  2. A Principal’s Reflections. Learn this principal’s views on educational leadership, effective technology integration, innovation, and creating a student-centered learning culture.
  3. PrincipalJ. Written with fellow principals in mind, get advice and lessons learned from this former principal of the year.
  4. EDUWONK. Keep up with current education policy topics from this well-established blog.
  5. EmergingEdTech. Read this blog to learn ways that technology can be used to enhance teaching and learning.
  6. dangerously irrelevant. Follow this well-known blog for posts on educational technology leadership.
  7. EdTech Situation Room: Where Technology News Meets Educational Analysis. Looking for some analysis with your education news? This podcast meets at the intersection of technology news and the implications for educational technology.
  8. BAM! Radio Network. Tune in to the largest education radio network in world! With over two dozen stations on topics ranging from edtech to leadership, there is something for everyone. 
  9. #EdChat Radio. Check out the Twitter discussion of the week on the EdChat Radio podcast.
  10. The School Leadership Show. Listen to discussions on a wide-range of topics (e.g., educational leadership, evaluation, productivity, and effectiveness).

Come back next when we share 10 of our favorite educational leaders you should start following on Twitter!

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