Focus on Fractions: What Have Your Students Learned About Fractions?

Interested in how you can incorporate the instructional strategies and technology practices from PowerUp into your teaching? Join us for our “Focus on Fractions” series!

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Now you should be ready to gather evidence of the success of your instruction.  Focus on Fractions provides you with short, Common Core-aligned, grade-level, student assessments that can be used as post-tests. Reflecting on how your students do on these post-tests will help you evaluate the effectiveness and impact of your instructional practices and fosters thinking about how you might teach differently next time. For example, if your students struggled with area models for fractions or number line models for fractions, you could incorporate more of the evidence-based practice of using representations into your instruction.

Your assignment: Give your students the Focus on Fractions post-assessment to gauge their learning! 

We'd love to hear from you! Share your experiences using PowerUp to teach fractions in the comments.

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