Finding the right technology for your classroom with the TechMatrix

Instructional Strategies: 
Interacting With Peers
Thinking Aloud
Understanding Problems
Using Precise Math Language
Visual Representations
Context Clues
Semantic Mapping
Word Analysis

As you explore PowerUp WHAT WORKS, you'll find many suggestions for ways to incorporate technology tools and supports into your teaching. From using virtual manipulatives in math to using embedded supports to help students create rich and engaging summaries, PowerUp provides you with instructional strategies, tips, and ideas for differentiating your instruction with technology. But where can you go to find specific technology tools and resources for your classroom?

In addition to our rich array of teaching resources, PowerUp maintains a searchable database of assistive and educational technology tools at Here you can search for technology tools by grade level, price range, student learning goals, content area, IDEA disability category, and many other options. The TechMatrix even allows you to compare products and features side by side to find the tool that best supports your teaching and learning goals.

Visit the TechMatrix today to find a wide variety of educational apps, software, games, and hardware to support student learning!  

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