EdTech Digest Awards 2014: iTooch from EduPad

Common Core State Standards: 
English Language Arts
Instructional Strategies: 
Visual Representations
Semantic Mapping

The fifth EdTech Digest Awards winner we bring to you is...

iTooch from EduPad

Content Area: All

Cost: Free trial, then $4.99-$9.99 for full download

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iTooch is an all-in-one educational gaming app, aligned to the Common Core, and which covers ELA, Math, Science, and TOEFL across the Elementary (3rd-5th) and Middle School (6th-8th) grades. There are thousands of activities per grade and subject level, with lessons attached to each chapter. There is also a practice space for students to develop their skills outside of the games. Students can earn badges and achievements to track progress, and new content is automatically uploaded to the app all the time.

Gaming apps like iTooch from EduPad are a great way to make use of instructional strategies like using virtual manipulatives, modeling, and visual representations for math, as well as visualizing and semantic mapping for ELA. Check out our instructional strategy guides on these topics before using these apps, and review the resources on gaming in our database, to get the most out of integrating this type of technology into your instruction.


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