EdTech Digest Awards 2014: Educade

The fourth EdTech Digest Awards Winner we bring to you is...


Content Area: All

Cost: Free

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Educade is a new website, produced by GameDesk, which provides teachers with suggestions for ways to integrate technology tools into their everyday teaching and learning. The website allows teachers to search by subject, grade, tool type (e.g., website, app, multimedia) and platform (e.g., iOS, Windows, device). Once these specifications are chosen, a list of technology tools are presented with product descriptions as well as lesson plans that demonstrate ways to integrate the technology in your classroom today! Teachers can use their free account to save the tools and lesson plans they like and share their own lesson plans and ideas for using technology tools in teaching and learning! All of this is constantly updated and approved by the staff at GameDesk, so teachers can be certain that all of the content is of high quality.

Consider using Educade, along with the resources on PowerUp, to develop your own Personal Learning Community (PLN), and to enrich the instructional strategies that you already use from our instructional strategy guides, lessons in action and technology in your classroom sections of the website. 

Acknowledgement: Special thanks to Michael McGarrah for helping to compile this post.

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