Digital Learning Day: Get Started with PowerUp’s Favorite Sites for (Free!) Educational Videos

Common Core State Standards: 
Speaking and Listening
Instructional Strategies: 
Supporting Science
Visual Representations

Looking for ways to incorporate more multimedia into your teaching? Searching for that perfect educational video to use with your students? Multimedia can be a fantastic way of engaging students, building background knowledge, and presenting information in multiple ways. Check out our list below for our favorite sources for educational videos and activities.

Need ideas for using media more effectively in your classroom?  Check out these PowerUp resources!

Get Started with PowerUp’s Favorite Sites for Educational Videos (FREE!)

  1. Arkive - A massive collection of videos highlighting endangered and threatened species, taken by wildlife photographers from around the world. Also includes games, teaching resources, and lesson ideas for students of all ages.
  2. Big Think Videos - Browse videos featuring experts across a wide range of disciplines.
  3. Explore - A library of more than 250 films and 30,000 photographs, documenting a wide range of cultural, environmental, and educational topics.
  4. MathTV - Collection of math videos, ebooks, worksheets and resources explaining math topics.
  5. YouTube Education Channel - YouTube’s collection of educational videos on a variety of topics.
  6. Kids Know It Network - Collection of short educational videos and animations on topics in science, ELA, math, and social studies.
  7. Howard Hughes Medical Institute BioInteractive - A large collection of videos, animations, and simulations on topics related to STEM. Teachers can also order DVD copies of videos for free.
  8. PBS Nova - Watch full episodes of PBS’s NOVA online.
  9. Project ED - Project ED provides a growing library of educational videos created by students and teachers covering topics in K-12 ELA, science, and math.
  10. Watch Know Learn- A collection of educational videos from around the web, filterable by age range, grade level, and content area.
  11. 60 Second Recap- Short video explanations of literature and a variety of other topics. Geared towards teens.
  12. NeoK12- Educational videos, lessons, and games for K-12 students.
  13. A library of free, full-length documentaries on a range of interesting and current topics.

Acknowledgement: Special thanks to Caroline Martin for helping to compile this blog post.


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