Creative Solutions to Technology Funding

Suppose you’ve found a specific technology resource for your classroom but you lack the funds to make a desired purchase? When confronted with a cost barrier, there are helpful resources you can use to still access available funds:

  • allows teachers to create a profile for their classroom, stating what they need, the cost, and enables other users (i.e. other teachers, parents, members of the community) to make donations. 
  • For Leadership Teams, ASCD has steps to cost-effectively strategize ideas like integrating technology into the schools mission.
  • PowerUp WHAT WORKS has resources for how to implement technology in schools, including specific resources on how to do so while watching your budget.
  • You can also visit the TechMatrix and download our Consumer Guides – decision-making tools to help schools make informed technology purchases.

Acknowledgment: Special thanks to Rebecca Flynn for helping to prepare this blog post.

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