CEM Webinar: Helping struggling students meet the Math Common Core State Standards

Common Core State Standards: 
Make Sense of Problems
Reason Abstractly
Construct Viable Arguments
Model with Mathematics
Use Appropriate Tools Strategically
Attend to Precision
Make Use of Structure
Express Regularity in Repeated Reasoning

Join us this afternoon at 3:30 pm ET for our second webinar for Connected Educator Month - Helping Struggling Students Meet the Math Common Core State Standards: The Missing Piece

We'll be hosting a Google Hangout and Q&A on our Google+ page - Join us! 

Did you attend? We'd love to hear your feedback! Please visit our survey here: http://websurveyor2.airws.org/Community/se.ashx?s=25113745177C5B69

Couldn't attend? View the archived video here: 

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