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How to Help Your School Thrive Without Breaking the Bank: Chapter 2. Developing a Vision and a Mission

Developing a strong vision and mission statement can help stakeholders in your school reach a common understanding. A vision is your school's goal—where you hope to see it in the future. The mission...

How to Make Your Visual Arts Department Digital

This article highlights ideas and suggestions for incorporating digital tools, such as blogs and e-portfolios, into teaching.

How to Plan Instruction Using the Video Game Model

This article discusses how learning modeled on the best aspects of gaming can help teachers differentiate instruction and address the needs of all students.

How to increase the learning return for your ed-tech investments

This suite of articles and resources from eSchool News highlights important factors to consider when making edtech purchasing decisions, including the importance of planning, shared vision, and...

I Can Soar: Aaron

Aaron faced "intense technology needs" entering public school, but with the help of assistive technology devices like IntelliKeys, a power wheelchair, and even video game controllers he is able to...

I Can Soar: Angie

Voice-output assistive technology of varying difficulty levels help Angie, a 5-year old with cerebral palsy, participate in class and communicate with her family at home. With the appropriate...

I Can Soar: Is Technology a Magic Bullet?

Today's educators realize that assistive technology alone cannot teach students 21st century skills. Education technology must be a "tool in the toolbox" of teachers to maximize student engagement...

I Can Soar: Sean

Sean is a popular and outgoing teenager who lost his sight at the age of 10 to retinal blastoma. With the help of assistive technology (AT), Sean is able to participate in regular classes all day...

I Can Soar: Stacey

See this video to learn how assistive technology helps Stacey bridge differences with peers to build relationships and actively participate in her 6th grade class.

I Can Soar: What Makes Assistive Technology Work?

Schoolwide strategies supported by administrators, teachers, and parents create the collaboration necessary for integrating assistive technology into the school day. Watch this video to learn how to...

I Can Soar: Why Fear Technology?

"Teachers should not be afraid of technology, teachers should be groundbreakers...willing to go the extra mile..." Watch this video to learn how practitioners, service providers, and researchers face...

ISTE’s Technology Facilitation and Leadership Standards

An easy-to-follow guide for any educator wanting to be an effective technology facilitator and/or educational leader. The standards provide guidance in designing and delivering professional learning...

Implementation research: a synthesis of the literature.

The purpose of this monograph is to describe the results of a far-reaching review of the implementation literature. There is broad agreement that implementation is a decidedly complex endeavor, more...

Implementing Cognitive Strategy Instruction & Developing Self-Regulated Learners

Cognitive Strategy Instruction is a tool intended to help students develop the necessary skills to be self-regulated learners. The purpose of this article is to introduce and explain the Self-...

Implementing the Writing Process

Standards: Writing
This strategy guide explains the writing process and offers practical methods for applying it in your classroom to help students become proficient writers.

Improving Adolescent Literacy: Effective Classroom and Intervention Practices

"The goal of this practice guide is to present specific and coherent evidence-based recommendations that educators can use to improve literacy levels in adolescents in upper elementary, middle and...

Improving reading comprehension and social studies knowledge in middle school

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The study used a randomized controlled trial to examine the effectiveness of PACT (Promoting Acceleration of Comprehension and Content Through Text) on middle school students’ reading comprehension...

Improving the reading comprehension of middle school students in inclusive classrooms

Standards: Literature • Informational Text
The study examined the effectiveness of a direct instructional approach on middle school students’ reading comprehension. The intervention involved the use of summarization and question strategies...

Individualizing learning using intelligent technology and universally designed curriculum

The American education system and its rigorous accountability and performance standards continually force educators to explore new ways to increase student achievement. The improvement in computer...

Inside Writing Communities: Grades 3-5 Professional Development Workshop

Standards: Writing • Literature
This workshop is supported online with a viewing guide, resources for teachers, and an interactive exercise. A Facilitator's Guide offers a suggested agenda for a two-and-a-half-hour workshop...