Technology Implementation Support Modules

The Support Modules draw from the best-practice recommendations and examples in the PowerUp Technology Implementation Practice Guide. These materials are designed to translate the Guide’s theory into practice. Read more about how these materials work together.


Module 1: Get Ready

To plan successfully, you must recognize where you are and where you want to go to accomplish your goals. Get Ready...


Module 2: Get Set

Schools that create a vision and set goals for technology implementation are more likely to be successful than those where implementation is driven by the sudden availability of funds. Get Set...


Module 3: Budget for Technology

Making the right investments in technology requires understanding the needs of your teachers and students. Plan not only for initial technology costs but also for long-term maintenance and replacement costs to facilitate sustainability. Budget for Tech...


Module 4: Supporting Your Teachers

Another key element to leverage your technology investments is ongoing, targeted professional development for your staff developing a support structure for accessing ongoing support. Support Your Teachers...

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