Tech Tips

Looking for tech ideas you can use in your classroom?

Explore our series of interactive guides that combine PowerUp’s tips, strategies and curated resources for getting started with technology tools.



Take advantage of new technologies, DIY assistive tech, and Maker Culture to create customized solutions for and WITH your students. View the Tackk.


Use Podcasts to Enhance Literacy Lessons

Find student-created podcasts to encourage writing and speaking for a variety of audiences and purposes. View the Tackk.


Use Embedded Supports to Differentiate Your Instruction

Learn how technology tools can support student vocabulary acquisition, reading comprehension, and making connections between reading and writing.View the Tackk.


Use Captions to Build Literacy

Explore how captions can provide struggling readers with additional print exposure and improve reading skills.View the Tackk.


Virtual Manipulatives to Support Your Math Instruction

Help students grasp abstract concepts and make connections between visual and symbolic representations. View the Tackk.


Use Technology to Support Formative Assessment

Discover ways to use technology tools to support formative assessment in ELA and Math. View the Tackk.


Teach Your Students to Code!

Help students develop the next generation’s critical literacy skills by teaching them to code.View the Tackk.

What's New on PowerUp?

PowerUp WHAT WORKS resources for students with disabilities are now available in OpenEd Resource Library. Customizable lesson plans, materials, videos, and more available in the world's largest online collection of standards-aligned resources.