Recommendation 2: Enhance Your Vision and Set Goals

Gather input across the school to set a clear vision and identify goals.

See this recommendation in action.

Case Story: TEAM Academy

Team Academy is an elementary school serving students from Grades 1 through 6. Upon joining PowerUp WHAT WORKS as a field site, the school formed a Leadership Team that included the Team Academy director, three elementary school teachers, a special education teacher, and an IT media specialist. The main focus of the Leadership Team was to support school staff to integrate technology throughout instruction. The Leadership Team met monthly to discuss technology-related issues and plan in-service days for staff to develop knowledge and skills in emerging technology and educational resources. The Practice Guide Support Materials and educational resources of the PowerUp WHAT WORKS website continue to be a great asset to the Leadership Team to implement technology aligned with the other initiatives already under way in the school. Other school functions such as statewide assessments and unexpected snow days make it challenging to meet monthly, but the team makes every effort to meet regularly.

With a mission of helping all students achieve their potential, the Leadership Team at a K–6 charter school in Minnesota met to hone their vision for the school and develop short- and long-term goals to increase the use of technology to support classroom instruction. The team assessed the technology available in the building by completing the PowerUp inventory checklist and surveying their teachers on how they used the various technologies available.

The team set a short-term goal to increase use of the interactive whiteboards present in each classroom. They reviewed the research and information briefs on the PowerUp website to learn more about the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework, using the interactive whiteboards to provide multiple means of representation, and support teacher use of the interactive whiteboards to implement evidence-based strategies in reading, writing, and mathematics. To accomplish their goal, the team identified the professional learning needs of their teachers, used the PowerUp website to plan workshops, and worked with teachers and the classroom to plan instruction that targeted the needs of the struggling learners in their classrooms.

Follow these Leadership Team action steps:

  • Read vision statements and goals written by districts around the nation
  • Ensure that your vision and goals describe how technology will support student learning
  • Record and share your work with staff and parents

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