Recommendation 1: Work as a Team

Collaborate to create an effective technology implementation plan, take action, and monitor change.

See this recommendation in action.

Case Story: Richland School District II

Richland School District II is a nationally recognized district for its effective approach to technology implementation and use of technology to enhance instruction in the classroom. This district built its success, in large measure, through collaborative team planning. Planning and implementation of the district’s  one-to-one technology initiative is an ongoing, comprehensive process that has included multiple stakeholders and collaboration among the various teams working to plan, implement, and sustain their technology initiative. To begin, a steering committee was formed to learn more about different one-to-one technology models.

The steering committee conducted site visits and researched one-to-one technology models to lay the groundwork for project planning. Based on the work from this committee, numerous teams were formed to support the planning and implementation of the technology initiative. Teams and committees range from district and school personnel, to parent and technical advisory groups. Their steering committee, comprised of representatives from all schools, helps to ensure collaboration across schools with the district, and the parent advisory committee works to support communication between the school and parents. At the school level, the Leadership Team is comprised of the principal, tech specialists, special education staff, and teachers. At the district level, committees work to support:

  • Comprehensive planning, change management, and budgeting
  • Curriculum, instruction, and resources
  • Public outreach and communication with parents
  • Procedures, policies, and practices to design and implement support structures
  • Ongoing professional development
  • Evaluation of implementation and revisions to project planning and implementation

Follow these action steps:

  • Select and finalize members of the Leadership Team
  • Plan outreach to stakeholders and build a community
  • Establish a schedule and routine to ensure effective communication

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