Module 1: Get Ready

Assessing Readiness and Getting Started

Goals/Intended Outcomes

  • Analyze results from the EdTech Locator (
  • Identify your current status in using technology to enhance instruction in classrooms throughout the school
  • Define Leadership Team roles and develop strategies for communication
  • Establish a schedule to ensure effective communication

Suggested Meeting Time: 90 minutes

Pre-Module Planning

  • Read the following sections of the Technology Implementation Practice Guide
  • Determine who will be on the Leadership Team
    • Consider including district and school leaders in curriculum, technology, special education, and professional development
  • Invite team members using the PowerUp invitation email template provided in the handouts
  • Ask invited team members to complete the EdTech Locator survey (
    • The EdTech Locator for Technology Implementation is an easy-to-use tool to help you evaluate where you stand on the technology-integration continuum. The tool can be completed from the perspective of a teacher, administrator, technology coordinator, or professional development coordinator.

Download Module 1 and related handouts.  (Download PDF) (Download full Practice Guide Support Modules)

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