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Tech Matters

Every fall, with the beginning of school year, teachers and students take time to get organized.  Teachers set up their classrooms, arrange their schedule, and gather needed materials. Students load up backpacks, make plans with friends, and begin new routines. Read More...
Both teachers and students can find value in using Learning Logs. For a student, it is a way to keep a record of what he or she is doing and learning in terms of knowledge and skills—right then, as the learning occurs. It is especially helpful for struggling students since it affords them a way to be organized and focused. For the teacher, the Learning Log becomes a tool for formative assessment, a way to determine what and how students are learning. Read More...

Featured Resources

Instructional Strategy guide
Mathematics helps us to understand science and to design, conduct, and analyze the results of scientific experiments. Science requires us to collect data, interpret it for significant patterns, and Read More...
Instructional Strategy guide
Classroom presentations encourage purposeful speaking and engaged listening. When students give a presentation, they not only demonstrate content knowledge but also exercise skills in writing with Read More...