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Recommendation 1: Work as a Team

Effective district- and/or school-wide technology implementation requires a strong Leadership Team. Establish the roles and responsibilities of the Leadership Team.


Recommendation 2: Enhance your vision and set goals

The Leadership Team sets clear goals aligned to the school’s vision. Develop the school vision and define goals


Recommendation 3: Gather data to drive decision making

Data-driven decision making helps the Leadership Team determine how best to use financial and human resources to strengthen teaching and learning. Make decisions based on data.


Recommendation 4: Define your technology budget

Effective budgeting considers initial costs, ongoing maintenance, professional development, replacement costs, and alternative funding strategies. Budget for success.


Recommendation 5: Plan professional learning opportunities

Ongoing professional development programs should blend face-to-face and virtual learning opportunities to meet teachers’ needs. Plan professional development.


Recommendation 6: Provide technology access and support

Teachers need to be able to access assistance when experiencing technical difficulties. Provide continuous support to teachers.

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