Alise Crossland (Brann), M.S. Ed., Ed.S.

Alise Crossland (Brann), M.S. Ed., Ed.S., serves as Deputy Director for PowerUp WHAT WORKS (Center for Technology Implementation).  She develops PowerUp What Works resources, contributes to website design and functionality, and advances field testing objectives. Ms. Crossland has provided technical assistance and professional development on the use of technology to facilitate access to academic content for students with disabilities through initiatives such as the National Charter School Resource Center (NCSRC), the Center for Implementing Technology in Education (CITEd), and the National Center for Technology Innovation (NCTI). She has developed a variety of resources for educators on topics in educational technology and assistive technology solutions and conducted extensive reviews of assistive and educational technology products for The TechMatrix. Ms. Crossland also provides ongoing virtual technical assistance and professional development through the use of social media, practitioner outreach, research articles, and targeted technology advice to educators and parents of students with disabilities. She holds an Ed.S. in Assistive Technology and an M.S.Ed. in Moderate Disabilities from Simmons College.


What's New on PowerUp?

PowerUp WHAT WORKS resources for students with disabilities are now available in OpenEd Resource Library. Customizable lesson plans, materials, videos, and more available in the world's largest online collection of standards-aligned resources.