PD Opportunities in May

Looking for more ways to expand your professional learning?

Each month, we’ll highlight a variety of free, online PD opportunities to help you dig deeper into the topics and ideas covered by PowerUp WHAT WORKS. This is just a small selection of the learning opportunities available online, so feel free to add more ideas in the comments!

  1. Visual Models in Math: Connecting Concepts with Procedures for Fraction Multiplication and Division

  1. Connecting the Classroom to the Cloud

  1. Digital Games & Learning: Theory & Research

  1. Preparing Students with Significant Intellectual Disabilities for the Workforce

  1. Global Professional Development Opportunities for STEM Education

  1. Free Resources for Your Flip

  1. Leading the New Connected Classroom

  1. Making Complex Texts Compelling to Middle-School Students

  1. Big6: More Relevant and Important Than Ever!

  1. Why Formative Assessment is So Important

  1. Preventing Summer Learning Loss

  1. How Teachers Can Maximize Efforts On Pinterest

  1. Can We Skip Recess to Work on Our Project? How to Inspire and Engage Your K–5 Students with STEM

  1. Making your Content Sing! A Practical Guide to Effective Presentations

  1. 4 Steps to FLIP a Challenging Moment into a Learning Opportunity for Young Children

  1. College & Career Ready Assessment Items – Exploring the Most Difficult Exemplars

  1. Supporting Children’s Brain Development through Music

  1. Innovative Ways to Fund Your School Garden Program

  1. There’s an App for That - 50 Apps in 60 Minutes for 2015

  1. Improving Teaching And Learning With Technology-Enabled Formative Assessments

  1. Connecting Past to Present: How an Interactive, Role-Playing Game like Mission US Encourages Students to Care about the Past

  1. Using Google Hangouts to Extend Learning Outside the Classroom

  1. Hands On Science and Math: Fun, Fascinating, and Affordable Activities for Young Children

What's New on PowerUp?

PowerUp WHAT WORKS resources for students with disabilities are now available in OpenEd Resource Library. Customizable lesson plans, materials, videos, and more available in the world's largest online collection of standards-aligned resources.